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  1. How to be a more mindful leader Jessica Hamilton 19-Jun-2019
  2. Reflections of a CFO: The highs, the lows and what’s next? Jessica Hamilton 22-May-2019
  3. The Australian economy: where are we headed, what impact will the Federal Budget have and what can we expect with the property market? Jessica Hamilton 16-Apr-2019
  4. Accounting jobs in Australia 2019: The impact of technology Carolyn Loton 09-Apr-2019
  5. Transforming from numbers to leadership: your career success starts with you Jessica Hamilton 11-Mar-2019



“Moir Group has the ability to provide constructive advice. They have a clear understanding of their subject matter and provide practical alternative solutions, which greatly assist in resolving issues.”

Domenic Chiera, Chief Financial Officer, Lake Maintenance


“I can confidently recommend Moir Learning as a great resource to assist someone entering the job market. As a new immigrant, Moir Learning Services took the time to review my CV with me and offer suggestions on how to better align it to the Australian style. They also offered feedback and advice to help me better myself in the marketplace. They were a pleasure to work with.”

Katie Zuzek, Senior Project Accountant (contract), International HR and BPO


“After spending time with Moir Learning Services, to go through my resume and LinkedIn account, I have learned techniques in maximising their use and I have gained more confidence in my job search. I’m highly recommending this session to anyone who has just come back into the job market.”

Belinda Beattie, Senior Commercial Finance Manager, Apple


“Matthew Talbot Homeless Services are pleased to acknowledge and commend Moir Group for their commitment to the ‘Work it out’ Program. The importance of the program can, and will, make a major difference in assisting our clients to seek employment and help rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.”

Julie McDonald, General Manager, Community & Corporate Relations, St Vincent de Paul Society – NSW


“I completed a CV/LinkedIn session with Moir Group and it was absolutely brilliant.  I've come away with the confidence that they are up-to-date and professional.  I would recommend this session as a worthwhile investment for anyone re-entering the job market.”

David Kneeshaw, General Manager, Finance and Business Operations, Intercompany and Stock


“It is excellent to work with an organisation that is able to adapt to our needs so willingly and effectively. The facilitators are always professional and committed to ensure that all participants involved are provided with personal attention. Feedback from participants of each workshop is outstanding. Moir Group displays a capacity to reach out to the disadvantaged; they offer compassion to individual needs and provide real practical advice to our service users affected by homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. ”

Caterina Giuliano, Program Manager, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Support Services Ozanam Learning Centre


“The people at Moir Group understand our requirements and consistently provide quality finance and accounting people to our team.  I would recommend Moir Group to those who are looking for professionalism and transparency in a recruitment partner.”

Mark Roberts, Director , Human Resources, amaysim Australia

“We have worked with Moir Group on a number of projects over the last 12 months. I have found them to be helpful and reliable in producing quality candidates for our business.  I would have no problem recommending Moir Group for finance recruitment needs and will definitely work with them again in the future.”

Kim Van Der Poel, People Advisor, Dalkia Energy Solutions


“With the understanding and knowledge Moir Group have acquired of our business over the past 2 years, they are capable of meeting our exact requirements and we can always rely on them for high quality candidates. They are not only reliable and efficient, but, very friendly to work with. If asked, I would recommend Moir Group’s services.”

Raheel Irfan, Group AP Manager, Idameneo Pty Ltd


“Moir Group have consistently introduced quality candidates to our organisation. Their experienced team and willingness to understand the client ensures the right people are employed and gives me every confidence in returning to Moir Group for recruitment advice and assistance.”

Chris Mamarelis, Chief Financial Officer, The Whiddon Group


“Moir Group assisted Steadfast in the recruitment of multiple roles. I enjoyed working with them and they delivered excellent outcomes and displayed a high level of professionalism and integrity at all times”

Rosalie Lau, Group Financial Controller, Steadfast Group


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Moir Group. Their style is professional and thorough and they worked hard to source some excellent talent for our business.”

Sandra Cittadini, Senior HR Manager, SunRice


"We needed to build a quality team in a short space of time and Moir Group were key in assisting us. They listened to our needs and presented the right people to help us develop the culture we had begun building. As a result the transition has been an overwhelming success.”

Gary Margetson, Head of Shared Services, News Corporation


"We have been working with Moir Group for over 12 months now and have filled a number of senior roles. Their feedback, preparedness to challenge, as well as provide sound advice, has been invaluable to us. They constantly sought to understand our needs, to refine that understanding and to ensure we were able to continue moving forward. Their service throughout the process was exceptional.”

Carol Pegler, Director of Human Resources, Bard


“Integrity, professionalism and the desire to find the right fit between candidates and prospective employers - it was a pleasure to experience these attributes with Moir Group. Their commitment to finding the right role with the right cultural fit was second to none and I’m looking forward to maintaining my relationship with the Moir Group well into the future. The Moir Group does indeed stand out from the rest.”

Paul Wiggins, Global Financial Shared Services, Fosters Group Australia


"Thank you very much for helping to deliver outstanding candidates for this role. In comparison with other agencies, working with you was pleasant, professional and provided a great outcome." 

Stuart Rennie,Church & Dwight


"Moir Group handled this process in an exceptionally professional way." 

Craig Adams, Chief Financial Office, Clarendon Homes


"I will definitely stay in touch with Moir Group, I hold your company in very high regard and appreciate that your employees are genuine people who care about others, not just the outcomes."

Michelle Adam, Finance Manager, Woolworths


"I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies, but by far Moir Group stands head and shoulders above all of them. I have found the engagement experience with Moir Group to be ground-breaking, new and so refreshing."

Hamilton, Candidate


"It was an absolute pleasure working with the wider Moir Group team and please be advised that I have recommended Moir Group amongst my network from both a candidate and client perspective."

Tim Howells, Software Controller, Microsoft


"The feedback, advice and enthusiasm Moir Group exhibits is absolutely refreshing. Hugely impressed with Moir Group."

Chris McFadden, Candidate


"A quick note to say thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Various conversations with your team and their positive attitude and willingness to explore options with me simply reinforced to me that you understood that its about people's lives and not just the numbers."

Tendai Des Moyo, Chief Financial Officer, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW


"Thanks again for your personable professionalism and delivering on the promise of the Moir Group brand.

Wayne McCusker, Managing Director, Church & Dwight

"Moir Group thank you so much for your superb professional advice and warm encouragement. I'm very grateful"

Cherry Liu, Candidate


"Moir Group is great and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as a company. You are very good at what you do, always have a good understanding of me & our business and are great people to deal with.

Kristian Mertens, Chief Financial Officer, Norman Disney & Young


" Moir Group is the best agency in Sydney without a doubt, your professionalism and kindness is rare these days." 

Alessandra Rizzo, Commercial Analyst, Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited 


"Moir Group really stand out in comparison to other agencies, you work together as a team and genuinely are passionate about finding people a job. The fact that I felt this when I first met Moir Group and still feel it now means it must be an important part of your culture as a whole, it sets you apart from all other agencies. Moir Group are by far the best!”

Steven Davies, Candidate


"Angela has been a valuable resource and support in bouncing ideas off in a competitive job market. She has a depth of knowledge, shown great empathy and I have found her advice to be relatable and grounded. I would highly recommend Angela to someone seeking advice in their job search."

Linda Lukban, Candidate


"I'm glad that I have met the right people! Job satisfaction  = fulfilled life - says it all.." 

Annake Dippenaar, Candidate 


Moir Recruitment News

Jobs Of The Future: Is Our Education System Fit For Purpose?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Australian universities have the crucial role of helping prepare students for jobs of the future, in a world of work that is continually being reinvented through technological and economic disruption.

To address the challenges and opportunities presented by this future world of work, Stephanie Fahey, EY’s Lead Partner for Education in Oceania will explore some key questions that Australian universities will need to consider to remain fit for purpose.

Are universities developing future generations of critical thinkers who can excel in an uncertain future?

Are universities set up to match the increasing pace of change in the job market?

How can universities and industry work together to deliver job-ready graduates?

Stephanie will draw on insights from her management expertise and teaching and research experience at the university level, in an engaging session that will explore the role of our universities in preparing students for jobs of the future.

For more details head to our Events Page

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Make Your Age Work For You

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Recently we were very fortunate to have guest speaker Keren Smedley, from Experience Matters, speak at a lunchtime event for our candidate community. Keren’s topic was the very popular “How to Make your Age Work for You”

Keren gave some really interesting insights to a captivated audience. Her key message for the day was to always stay positive and to see getting older as a privilege and to ensure you are always living in the moment and focussing on the event, not the outcome. At job interviews ensure you should aim to impress by considering the following tips:

  • Be enthusiastic and be confident in a calm unassuming way – have presence
  • Prepare and have the knowledge needed for that role
  • Be social media savvy
  • Don’t list in detail all of your experience, just list the highlights
  • Prepare good examples, these can also include non-work activities
  • Be curious and ask perceptive questions
  • Be transparent and inject a bit of humour!

Keren also spoke about using the Circle of Confidence to help get you in a positive frame of mind, this involved:

Draw an imaginary circle on the floor in front of you. This is a magic circle. You can only be confident and look good and be visible in here.

Stand outside the circle and think of a time when you were confident and looked good.  It can be something small like driving your car to the supermarket or large like giving a speech to a hundred people. When you’ve got it, step into the circle and associate into the event.  Then ask yourself:

  • See what you see 
  • Hear what you hear 
  • Feel what you feel 
  • Hold your body as you do when confident 
  • Breathe as you breathe when feeling good
  • Really get that feeling

Now come out of your circle stepping backwards.  Think of another time when you felt really good about yourself. When you have, go back into the circle and repeat this process three times.

Now think of something you have to do where you don’t feel confident or look good – for example, going to a family function by yourself, being in a sun dress or swimming costume.  Go back into the magic circle. Remember, you can only be confident and feel and look good in here. So put on that confidence coat.  

Then ask yourself:

  • See what you see going well
  • Hear what you hear sounding good
  • Hold yourself as a woman with everything going for her 
  • Breathe with a sense of serenity 

When you really feel in charge, imagine yourself exiting forward from the circle cloaked in that ring of confidence and looking and feeling fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event, if you would like more information on upcoming events please head to our Events Page and join our community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connect with us on  LinkedIn to stay up to date

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The Financial Year Ahead, The Challenges And Opportunities For The Australian And Global Economy"

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The global and local economic doesn't look good!

This was the summary from Su-Lin Ong, Managing Director, Chief Economist and Head of Australian Research, RBC Capital Markets who spoke at an event for us recently. The questions from the audience were probing for some glimmer of hope, however her answers were also not very optimistic.

From a global perspective Su-Lin spoke about the challenges facing Continental Europe and the U.K. in the wake of Brexit. US has had a relatively strong 7-8 year period and their economy tends to go in cycles of this length and with China also slowing. The combination of all these was worrying. In addition, locally the close federal election result and the difficulty going forward for the Government in developing and passing the strong reform that is needed and how it will deal with the challenges facing Australia. I don't think it helped that on the day Su-Lin spoke, Australia had its AAA credit rating put on watch by one of the large rating agencies.

Su-Lin has spoken at one of our events each year for many years now and this was I think her most negative outlook over these years.Interestingly when I look at Australia from an employment perspective I remain positive and upbeat about the outlook now and into the medium term. I have outlined the reasons why in our latest quarterly market update.

I am always keen to hear others views and thoughts, please feel free to contact me on 02 9262 4836 or

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Make Your Age Work For You

Friday, July 29, 2016

Whether it’s true or not, the belief held by anyone over 50 is that they are unemployable and it’s impossible for them to change their job. Of course there are many who have proved that this isn’t the case but the myth remains. Many people are unfortunately made redundant and find themselves having to look for work. Others are seriously unhappy in their work but are too scared to move. At 50, if you retire at the present pensionable age, you still have 17 years left to work, and that’s a long time to be miserable. 

The workplace that the baby-boomer entered was radically different and has changed dramatically since then. Most of us have done pretty well at adapting to fast-paced change, technology and globalisation. Unfortunately, others in the work place are less sure about this and ageism is rife in many organisations. 

It’s easy in the light of this to lose our motivation. But now more than ever is the time we need it! With life expectancy into the 80s, there is still plenty of time for people to forge new ventures. It’s really important that we go on having aspirations and creating goals for ourselves.

Keren will explore these issues with you and how to make your age work for you not against. 

For more details head to our Events Page

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From Tax To The Boardroom- What Prisons, Aged Care and Frozen Food Has Taught Me about How to Manage Your Career

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It was a delight to introduce Helen Wiseman, non-executive director and professional mentor, once again to speak for our Moir Group client and candidate community.  Helen’s presentation entitled “From Tax To The Boardroom…What Prisons, Aged Care and Frozen Food Has Taught Me about How to Manage Your Career” certainly raised some curiosity and a full house!

Helen has both sought out and been sought for diverse roles throughout her corporate, not for profit and boardroom career to date and we thoroughly appreciate her candidly sharing this journey. 

Key points:

  • Timing - It is never too early to be thinking of a potential board opportunity
  • Exposure - exposing yourself to as many opportunities and situations as possible leads to extraordinary and exciting new ventures
  • Networking - Never underestimate the power of your network and tap in to or reach out to this network throughout your career
  • Not For Profit - starting with a Not For Profit board opportunity may be the learning ground you’re looking for
  • Passion - ensure you do your due diligence around the organisation of the board you plan to join to be certain of your passion to be part of it, this is particularly true for an unpaid Not For Profit appointment
  • Professionalism - Chairing a board – this is leading a meeting…treat all meetings professionally 

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event, if you would like more information on upcoming events please head to our Events Page and join our community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date

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From Tax To The Boardroom

Monday, May 16, 2016

“From Tax To The Boardroom”

What Prisons, Aged Care and Frozen Food Has Taught Me about How to Manage Your Career

People often talk about boards as being a late stage career option - somewhere you end up post a corporate career.  Few talk about how board work can help you advance your career, even at the earlier stages.   And fewer still share how board work can transform your thinking and increase your effectiveness, no matter where you sit on a leadership journey.   Or how it can change your life…

Helen's upcoming presentation this week will be packed with insights and tips that might surprise you, come and listen to a very different take on an accounting career! 

For more details head to our Events Page

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Robots are us, bring back the human…and Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robots are us, bring back the human .. and Happy Easter! by Karen Ryan, Director Temporary and Contract Recruitment

We are already well into another year with school holidays just around the corner. It’s a great time to reflect on what is already a fast moving 2016 and yes, humanity! 

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it, however sometimes we do need to stop and take a breath. Given the speed of change these days we all need to look up and remember what is at our core and what makes us tick.

With text now overtaking talk, words that once meant one on one communication such as “Connect”, “Like” & “Share” now meaning not having to talk at all, potentially reaching 1000’s in the one “hit”, it is important we remember we are all human and need each other more than ever. Embrace social media because it’s the way of the future and it’s moving faster by the day however, don’t let it steal the essence of the word “social” from it’s true human meaning. 

We at Moir Group, hosted our annual Christmas Party late last year where our clients, candidates, suppliers and others in our community came together. We ate, drank, talked and listened to each other.  We re-connected with people we had placed, or helped make placements with, with speakers from our many events and others who have been a part of our story over our nine-year history. It really was a special event and there was barely a phone in sight.  The reason being it was hard to balance food, drink and a handbag and be tweeting, checking in or looking at what was going on at other gatherings on Facebook! 

We were forced to be in the moment and the atmosphere around the room was one of real engagement and true bonding.  People were actively listening to each other, sharing work and personal stories from the year.  It is so important over this year and as the Easter holidays are upon us, to do this when you are meeting your friends we see so rarely these days, or the family you find hard to catch up with.  Be in the moment! Everyone else is also having drinks, eating wonderful food and catching up with people in nice locations, so there is no real need to show them what you are doing.  We are all doing the same! So just before you post, share or even take a photo for the masses, be in the moment and remember you care about those you are with so listen to them and share first with them.

I am from the generation that remembers the joys of face to face communication and the depth of relationships, so let’s pass this onto the next generation.  Keep the real links and demonstrate why that matters to those you care about and the rest will follow. Communicating with the masses is important and a way of the future, really communicating with people face to face and one on one and caring about them, is so precious and valuable. 

Give a little of yourself – have a laugh and remember no matter how senior in work you are or how little years of experience you have, you have a story to tell and we can all learn from those you meet by truly engaging with them.  Don’t forget to continue to add to your human profile and not just your Linkedin one! 

Have a great Easter holiday break, and I look forward to hearing your stories throughout 2016, not just reading about them with everyone else!  And yes, you can share this if you like!  


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Interview Preparation

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Congratulations ! 

Your well written resume has helped you secure a job interview. How you perform at the job interview is crucial, and will ultimately decide if you are successful in securing a job offer. To increase your chances of success, ensure that you are well prepared. 

Importance of Research and Planning

This is one of the most important areas of the job interview. Even if you have been told it is just an “informal” meeting, turning up unprepared can completely jeopardise your chances of any job opportunities within the organisation. Therefore, prior to your interview, ensure you do your research.

1. The Company

You may know who the company is, but it is up to you to ensure you have a detailed overview of the company structure, values and vision and market positioning.

Be sure you know what the company does, and its range of products or services.

Check out their website, and also do some Google searches so you have up to the minute information

2. The Industry

Look for any industry-specific news. Who are their main competitors?

What are their competitors doing and how do they rank compared to their competitors? What industry trends are happening in overseas markets?

3.  The Position

Thoroughly read the job description.

Ensure you know your own resume very well and how it relates to the job description. As you read through the key competencies of the job description, think of some examples where you can demonstrate previous experience that reflects these competencies.

4.  The Interviewer

Research the person who will interview you and look at their LinkedIn profile. Find out if there is anything you have in common, for example, you both worked at the same company in the past or you both went to university at the same time.

Practical preparation

It is common sense, but always ensure you know where you are going and where the company is located. Can you park, or is it best to get public transport?

Aim to arrive approximately 10 minutes early for the interview. Any earlier than this and it’s best to go and get a coffee before you turn up at reception. Ensure you have the contact details, including direct telephone number, of the person you are meeting.

Smart presentation is also of the utmost importance. If in doubt, err on the side of conservatism.

Asking Questions

Towards the end of the interview you will usually be asked if you have any questions. Aim to ask some open questions, thinking about how you can add value to the organisation.

At first interview, always avoid any questions about salary. These can be asked later in the process.

Some questions you could ask include:

  • What are the key goals and objectives for the role in first 3 to 6 months?
  • Why is the role available?
  • Where would you see this role in 3 to 5 years?
  • How would you describe the company/team culture?
  • What makes a person a success at the company?

Final Tips

Think about your interview as an exciting next step. Be positive, have a firm handshake, make good eye contact, smile and believe in yourself.

And finally - good luck!

For further information on interview preparation you can contact your Moir Group consultant or our Head of Learning, Angela Farmeary on or tel 02 9262 4836

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A Personal Reflection on Workplace Flexibility and Family Life

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Newton Soares is passionate about the role that men can play in addressing gender inequality in the workplace. In this article, he shares his personal journey, and his perspective on the benefits for both men and women where workplaces encourage a better gender balance.

As Business Manager - Banking & Financial Services at Moir Group, Newton is currently working full time, however his approach has also been shaped by his experience working in a flexible part-time capacity, while his wife worked full time.  During this period, Newton learned first-hand about the challenges and rewards of being primary care giver for his two young children and benefited from a greater understanding and involvement in his family’s lives.

Newton’s goal is to encourage employers and, especially males, to champion the change needed for gender equality in the workplace and to realise the benefits to both businesses and individuals that arise from more flexible working arrangements and equal pay. 

A Personal Reflection on Workplace Flexibility and Family Life By Newton Soares

Becoming a father was a life-changing moment for me. It really was the start of a rollercoaster lifestyle with plenty of ups & down and it seemed as though the days were getting shorter as I became more and more time poor.

Initially, I was in the role of main bread winner and managed to continue climbing the corporate ladder. Juggling time between work and home was a challenge, especially considering my income had a direct impact on our lifestyle.

My wife had a successful career in hospitality and, when our children were born, transitioned smoothly into the role of full-time carer.  She also used this time to pursue her dream, to change careers and become a social worker. This involved studying part time, working casually in hospitality and also being full time carer to our two children.

Once our children started primary school, she decided to pursue full-time employment as a Social Worker. A daunting prospect, considering she was starting a new career and had been out of the full-time work force for 6 years.

Financially I loved the idea of going back to two incomes, however, we now had to consider the issue of before and after school care for our children. The obvious answer was myself, considering the hours my wife needed to work in her new role, plus the fact she needed to prove herself in her new career.

I was a little apprehensive about approaching my manager to ask for flexible working hours, as this is usually seen as a career-limiting move. Fortunately my manager was an outcome-driven individual who offered me the flexibility I needed.

This is where the journey began for me and opened my eyes to a new world. Working less hours and spending more time with my two children resulted in us sharing life-long memories. I never realised how engaging they could be in the car trips on the way to school and how much they debriefed on the car trip home. I learnt so much about them, their friends and the daily challenges they faced.

My wife was very successful in her role and the children got to see a different side of her as well.  We have recently swapped roles again, with my wife moving back into part-time work and myself, taking on a new full-time role with Moir Group.

Knowing what I do now, I have made an extra effort to continue to be there for my children’s schooling and after-school activities.  My wife and I both have a new understanding and appreciation of the contribution we are each making to our family life, and of the value of flexible and progressive employers.  Workplace flexibility has made me a better husband and father, and a more engaged and loyal employee.

Interested in reading more relevant articles, commentary and job tips?  Like us on Facebook and Twitter  or follow our company page on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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Moir Group Annual Women in Business Event 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

Thanks again to all the fabulous ladies who attended our recent Moir Group Women in Business Event at the QVB Tearooms on Thursday 21st August. We have been overwhelmed by all the amazing feedback from everyone, and are delighted that you all enjoyed the afternoon. Looking forward to doing it all again in 2015….!

This is a selection of some of the feedback and also a few photos from the day.

“Thank you very much for inviting me along to the session yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed.  Interesting and engaging speakers and great table of ladies to chat with.

"It has certainly made me pause and think about my career path and what I want to do.  Lots of thought provoking ideas and mantras…”

“I wanted to thank you for inviting me to yesterday's event, the presenters were very inspiring and networking was of great value. Please extend my congratulations and special thanks to the organising team.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful event yesterday. It was well organized, enjoyable, interesting and motivational. I’m already looking forward to next year’s!”

“Everything worked so well – from the venue to the setup and catering, to the format of the afternoon and to the actual speakers.  I really enjoyed the content of all the speakers, and also thoroughly enjoyed making some new connections as well as catching up with old ones. 

"Congratulations, and can’t wait till next year’s event now!”

“Just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the event this afternoon. It was beautifully put together - stunning room, delicious treats, thought provoking and inspiring speakers - a great afternoon!!”

“And thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon! Inspiring.”

“It was such a fantastic event, thank you so much for inviting me! It is so lovely to attend an event and leave really feeling inspired.  There was a lovely group of ladies there, best Thursday I have spent in quite a while!

"The hosting, attention to detail, etiquette, venue – all just bang on!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the talks and filled my 'thought bubbles' which was a splendid idea and which I will refer to as I take up many if the tips shared.”

“Thank you for the invite! As result of the meeting I have reignited my networking activities and organised some meetings with possible mentors and/or create some opportunities to do something different”

“What a wonderful event last Thursday! Thank you so much for inviting me. It was fantastic to finally see a Moir event in action, what a wonderful venue and such great speakers (such a good mix of styles and personalities)”

“Many thanks for including me on the guest list. Thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and the event.

"Loving my speech bubbles which I have since shared!”

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