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  1. How to be a more mindful leader Jessica Hamilton 19-Jun-2019
  2. Reflections of a CFO: The highs, the lows and what’s next? Jessica Hamilton 22-May-2019
  3. The Australian economy: where are we headed, what impact will the Federal Budget have and what can we expect with the property market? Jessica Hamilton 16-Apr-2019
  4. Accounting jobs in Australia 2019: The impact of technology Carolyn Loton 09-Apr-2019
  5. Transforming from numbers to leadership: your career success starts with you Jessica Hamilton 11-Mar-2019



“Moir Group has the ability to provide constructive advice. They have a clear understanding of their subject matter and provide practical alternative solutions, which greatly assist in resolving issues.”

Domenic Chiera, Chief Financial Officer, Lake Maintenance


“I can confidently recommend Moir Learning as a great resource to assist someone entering the job market. As a new immigrant, Moir Learning Services took the time to review my CV with me and offer suggestions on how to better align it to the Australian style. They also offered feedback and advice to help me better myself in the marketplace. They were a pleasure to work with.”

Katie Zuzek, Senior Project Accountant (contract), International HR and BPO


“After spending time with Moir Learning Services, to go through my resume and LinkedIn account, I have learned techniques in maximising their use and I have gained more confidence in my job search. I’m highly recommending this session to anyone who has just come back into the job market.”

Belinda Beattie, Senior Commercial Finance Manager, Apple


“Matthew Talbot Homeless Services are pleased to acknowledge and commend Moir Group for their commitment to the ‘Work it out’ Program. The importance of the program can, and will, make a major difference in assisting our clients to seek employment and help rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.”

Julie McDonald, General Manager, Community & Corporate Relations, St Vincent de Paul Society – NSW


“I completed a CV/LinkedIn session with Moir Group and it was absolutely brilliant.  I've come away with the confidence that they are up-to-date and professional.  I would recommend this session as a worthwhile investment for anyone re-entering the job market.”

David Kneeshaw, General Manager, Finance and Business Operations, Intercompany and Stock


“It is excellent to work with an organisation that is able to adapt to our needs so willingly and effectively. The facilitators are always professional and committed to ensure that all participants involved are provided with personal attention. Feedback from participants of each workshop is outstanding. Moir Group displays a capacity to reach out to the disadvantaged; they offer compassion to individual needs and provide real practical advice to our service users affected by homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. ”

Caterina Giuliano, Program Manager, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Support Services Ozanam Learning Centre


“The people at Moir Group understand our requirements and consistently provide quality finance and accounting people to our team.  I would recommend Moir Group to those who are looking for professionalism and transparency in a recruitment partner.”

Mark Roberts, Director , Human Resources, amaysim Australia

“We have worked with Moir Group on a number of projects over the last 12 months. I have found them to be helpful and reliable in producing quality candidates for our business.  I would have no problem recommending Moir Group for finance recruitment needs and will definitely work with them again in the future.”

Kim Van Der Poel, People Advisor, Dalkia Energy Solutions


“With the understanding and knowledge Moir Group have acquired of our business over the past 2 years, they are capable of meeting our exact requirements and we can always rely on them for high quality candidates. They are not only reliable and efficient, but, very friendly to work with. If asked, I would recommend Moir Group’s services.”

Raheel Irfan, Group AP Manager, Idameneo Pty Ltd


“Moir Group have consistently introduced quality candidates to our organisation. Their experienced team and willingness to understand the client ensures the right people are employed and gives me every confidence in returning to Moir Group for recruitment advice and assistance.”

Chris Mamarelis, Chief Financial Officer, The Whiddon Group


“Moir Group assisted Steadfast in the recruitment of multiple roles. I enjoyed working with them and they delivered excellent outcomes and displayed a high level of professionalism and integrity at all times”

Rosalie Lau, Group Financial Controller, Steadfast Group


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Moir Group. Their style is professional and thorough and they worked hard to source some excellent talent for our business.”

Sandra Cittadini, Senior HR Manager, SunRice


"We needed to build a quality team in a short space of time and Moir Group were key in assisting us. They listened to our needs and presented the right people to help us develop the culture we had begun building. As a result the transition has been an overwhelming success.”

Gary Margetson, Head of Shared Services, News Corporation


"We have been working with Moir Group for over 12 months now and have filled a number of senior roles. Their feedback, preparedness to challenge, as well as provide sound advice, has been invaluable to us. They constantly sought to understand our needs, to refine that understanding and to ensure we were able to continue moving forward. Their service throughout the process was exceptional.”

Carol Pegler, Director of Human Resources, Bard


“Integrity, professionalism and the desire to find the right fit between candidates and prospective employers - it was a pleasure to experience these attributes with Moir Group. Their commitment to finding the right role with the right cultural fit was second to none and I’m looking forward to maintaining my relationship with the Moir Group well into the future. The Moir Group does indeed stand out from the rest.”

Paul Wiggins, Global Financial Shared Services, Fosters Group Australia


"Thank you very much for helping to deliver outstanding candidates for this role. In comparison with other agencies, working with you was pleasant, professional and provided a great outcome." 

Stuart Rennie,Church & Dwight


"Moir Group handled this process in an exceptionally professional way." 

Craig Adams, Chief Financial Office, Clarendon Homes


"I will definitely stay in touch with Moir Group, I hold your company in very high regard and appreciate that your employees are genuine people who care about others, not just the outcomes."

Michelle Adam, Finance Manager, Woolworths


"I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies, but by far Moir Group stands head and shoulders above all of them. I have found the engagement experience with Moir Group to be ground-breaking, new and so refreshing."

Hamilton, Candidate


"It was an absolute pleasure working with the wider Moir Group team and please be advised that I have recommended Moir Group amongst my network from both a candidate and client perspective."

Tim Howells, Software Controller, Microsoft


"The feedback, advice and enthusiasm Moir Group exhibits is absolutely refreshing. Hugely impressed with Moir Group."

Chris McFadden, Candidate


"A quick note to say thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Various conversations with your team and their positive attitude and willingness to explore options with me simply reinforced to me that you understood that its about people's lives and not just the numbers."

Tendai Des Moyo, Chief Financial Officer, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW


"Thanks again for your personable professionalism and delivering on the promise of the Moir Group brand.

Wayne McCusker, Managing Director, Church & Dwight

"Moir Group thank you so much for your superb professional advice and warm encouragement. I'm very grateful"

Cherry Liu, Candidate


"Moir Group is great and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as a company. You are very good at what you do, always have a good understanding of me & our business and are great people to deal with.

Kristian Mertens, Chief Financial Officer, Norman Disney & Young


" Moir Group is the best agency in Sydney without a doubt, your professionalism and kindness is rare these days." 

Alessandra Rizzo, Commercial Analyst, Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited 


"Moir Group really stand out in comparison to other agencies, you work together as a team and genuinely are passionate about finding people a job. The fact that I felt this when I first met Moir Group and still feel it now means it must be an important part of your culture as a whole, it sets you apart from all other agencies. Moir Group are by far the best!”

Steven Davies, Candidate


"Angela has been a valuable resource and support in bouncing ideas off in a competitive job market. She has a depth of knowledge, shown great empathy and I have found her advice to be relatable and grounded. I would highly recommend Angela to someone seeking advice in their job search."

Linda Lukban, Candidate


"I'm glad that I have met the right people! Job satisfaction  = fulfilled life - says it all.." 

Annake Dippenaar, Candidate 


Moir Recruitment News

Financial markets have got off to a shaky start in 2016. Will the woes continue?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

By David McDonald

Chief Investment Strategist Australia, Private Banking & Wealth Management

Financial markets have got off to a shaky start in 2016. Will the woes continue? Should we “sell everything” as some have suggested or are global fundamentals more positive than markets are implying?

The US Fed has begun to hike interest rates – will they continue and if so what are the implications? Is the European recovery still on track?

What is happening in China? Are financial market gyrations a sign of underlying problems?

And importantly what does this mean for Australia. Will the AUD fall to lower levels, are commodity prices ever going to recover?

David will discuss all of these issues and more in his presentation as well as providing a review of financial markets over the past year. Click here for more information on his presentation.

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A Positive Year Ahead: Newton Soares reflects on David McDonald's recent presentation

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Newton Soares, Moir Group's Business Manager, Banking and Financial Services

Read Newton's reflections on David McDonald's speech .  David is the Chief Investment Strategist, Australia at Credit Suisse AG and spoke at our Moir Group event last week on "Challenges facing the Australian and global economy in 2015".

"Listening to David McDonald's views on the challenges our economy is facing certainly highlighted many positives for the year ahead. What I took away was that the key driver behind the economy is having a “happy nation” i.e. If you are happy, you spend more, businesses increase revenue, expand, hire more people and this drives the economy.

What unfortunately is preventing us from “being happy” is a “lack of consumer & business confidence”. It is confusing, when Australia is in a much healthier position than most of the world.

David compared us to Continental Europe with double digit unemployment, interest rates below 1%, lack of growth and serious regional issues in Russia & Ukraine.

David highlighted that in Australia we have relatively low unemployment rates, our houses have all increased in value and our economy is still growing at a faster rate than most developed countries. 

He also noted the significant drop in petrol prices, effectively equivalent to a tax cut, and a further reduction in interest rates by the RBA mean we should have more disposable income. I am sure most people in Continental Europe would love to swap places with us without a second thought.

So the question is, what is creating the lack of consumer & business confidence?

At the Commonwealth Bank's recent HY Profit announcement, CEO Ian Narev made reference to the Federal government needing to have a clearer plan that is clearly communicated.  He commented:

"Businesses need the certainty to invest to create jobs, and households need a greater feeling of security. That requires implementation of a coherent long-term plan that clearly addresses target government debt levels and time-frames, infrastructure priorities, foreign investment, business competitiveness policies and, above all, job creation."

I’ve always used recruitment as an indicator of how the economy is travelling.  When the economy is poor, recruitment volumes drop and head count freezes are common.  We haven’t seen any of this at Moir Group.  As accounting recruitment specialists we had a record 2014 revenue year and January 2015 has been exceptionally busy.

In summary, I walked away from David’s presentation with optimism and renewed belief that we are in a strong position for growth.  I remain positive about the year ahead."

If you are interested in this topic, Stephen Walters, Chief Economist at JP Morgan will speak on the same theme at our North Ryde event this Thursday.  Limited tickets still available. Register on our events page

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Challenges Facing the Australian and Global Economy in 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Interview with David McDonald (Chief Investment Strategist, Australia - Credit Suisse) and Stephen Moir (Director - Moir Group)

 Hear David's thoughts on the two main factors facing Australian businesses in 2015.


If you are interested in finding out more about the challenges and opportunities facing the Australian and Global economy in 2015 and beyond, please come along to hear Stephen Walters (Chief Economist- JP Morgan) speak at our next event, in North Ryde, on the 19th February. 

Please go to our events page to see our other upcoming events.


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