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  1. How to be a more mindful leader Jessica Hamilton 19-Jun-2019
  2. Reflections of a CFO: The highs, the lows and what’s next? Jessica Hamilton 22-May-2019
  3. The Australian economy: where are we headed, what impact will the Federal Budget have and what can we expect with the property market? Jessica Hamilton 16-Apr-2019
  4. Accounting jobs in Australia 2019: The impact of technology Carolyn Loton 09-Apr-2019
  5. Transforming from numbers to leadership: your career success starts with you Jessica Hamilton 11-Mar-2019



“Moir Group has the ability to provide constructive advice. They have a clear understanding of their subject matter and provide practical alternative solutions, which greatly assist in resolving issues.”

Domenic Chiera, Chief Financial Officer, Lake Maintenance


“I can confidently recommend Moir Learning as a great resource to assist someone entering the job market. As a new immigrant, Moir Learning Services took the time to review my CV with me and offer suggestions on how to better align it to the Australian style. They also offered feedback and advice to help me better myself in the marketplace. They were a pleasure to work with.”

Katie Zuzek, Senior Project Accountant (contract), International HR and BPO


“After spending time with Moir Learning Services, to go through my resume and LinkedIn account, I have learned techniques in maximising their use and I have gained more confidence in my job search. I’m highly recommending this session to anyone who has just come back into the job market.”

Belinda Beattie, Senior Commercial Finance Manager, Apple


“Matthew Talbot Homeless Services are pleased to acknowledge and commend Moir Group for their commitment to the ‘Work it out’ Program. The importance of the program can, and will, make a major difference in assisting our clients to seek employment and help rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.”

Julie McDonald, General Manager, Community & Corporate Relations, St Vincent de Paul Society – NSW


“I completed a CV/LinkedIn session with Moir Group and it was absolutely brilliant.  I've come away with the confidence that they are up-to-date and professional.  I would recommend this session as a worthwhile investment for anyone re-entering the job market.”

David Kneeshaw, General Manager, Finance and Business Operations, Intercompany and Stock


“It is excellent to work with an organisation that is able to adapt to our needs so willingly and effectively. The facilitators are always professional and committed to ensure that all participants involved are provided with personal attention. Feedback from participants of each workshop is outstanding. Moir Group displays a capacity to reach out to the disadvantaged; they offer compassion to individual needs and provide real practical advice to our service users affected by homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. ”

Caterina Giuliano, Program Manager, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Support Services Ozanam Learning Centre


“The people at Moir Group understand our requirements and consistently provide quality finance and accounting people to our team.  I would recommend Moir Group to those who are looking for professionalism and transparency in a recruitment partner.”

Mark Roberts, Director , Human Resources, amaysim Australia

“We have worked with Moir Group on a number of projects over the last 12 months. I have found them to be helpful and reliable in producing quality candidates for our business.  I would have no problem recommending Moir Group for finance recruitment needs and will definitely work with them again in the future.”

Kim Van Der Poel, People Advisor, Dalkia Energy Solutions


“With the understanding and knowledge Moir Group have acquired of our business over the past 2 years, they are capable of meeting our exact requirements and we can always rely on them for high quality candidates. They are not only reliable and efficient, but, very friendly to work with. If asked, I would recommend Moir Group’s services.”

Raheel Irfan, Group AP Manager, Idameneo Pty Ltd


“Moir Group have consistently introduced quality candidates to our organisation. Their experienced team and willingness to understand the client ensures the right people are employed and gives me every confidence in returning to Moir Group for recruitment advice and assistance.”

Chris Mamarelis, Chief Financial Officer, The Whiddon Group


“Moir Group assisted Steadfast in the recruitment of multiple roles. I enjoyed working with them and they delivered excellent outcomes and displayed a high level of professionalism and integrity at all times”

Rosalie Lau, Group Financial Controller, Steadfast Group


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Moir Group. Their style is professional and thorough and they worked hard to source some excellent talent for our business.”

Sandra Cittadini, Senior HR Manager, SunRice


"We needed to build a quality team in a short space of time and Moir Group were key in assisting us. They listened to our needs and presented the right people to help us develop the culture we had begun building. As a result the transition has been an overwhelming success.”

Gary Margetson, Head of Shared Services, News Corporation


"We have been working with Moir Group for over 12 months now and have filled a number of senior roles. Their feedback, preparedness to challenge, as well as provide sound advice, has been invaluable to us. They constantly sought to understand our needs, to refine that understanding and to ensure we were able to continue moving forward. Their service throughout the process was exceptional.”

Carol Pegler, Director of Human Resources, Bard


“Integrity, professionalism and the desire to find the right fit between candidates and prospective employers - it was a pleasure to experience these attributes with Moir Group. Their commitment to finding the right role with the right cultural fit was second to none and I’m looking forward to maintaining my relationship with the Moir Group well into the future. The Moir Group does indeed stand out from the rest.”

Paul Wiggins, Global Financial Shared Services, Fosters Group Australia


"Thank you very much for helping to deliver outstanding candidates for this role. In comparison with other agencies, working with you was pleasant, professional and provided a great outcome." 

Stuart Rennie,Church & Dwight


"Moir Group handled this process in an exceptionally professional way." 

Craig Adams, Chief Financial Office, Clarendon Homes


"I will definitely stay in touch with Moir Group, I hold your company in very high regard and appreciate that your employees are genuine people who care about others, not just the outcomes."

Michelle Adam, Finance Manager, Woolworths


"I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies, but by far Moir Group stands head and shoulders above all of them. I have found the engagement experience with Moir Group to be ground-breaking, new and so refreshing."

Hamilton, Candidate


"It was an absolute pleasure working with the wider Moir Group team and please be advised that I have recommended Moir Group amongst my network from both a candidate and client perspective."

Tim Howells, Software Controller, Microsoft


"The feedback, advice and enthusiasm Moir Group exhibits is absolutely refreshing. Hugely impressed with Moir Group."

Chris McFadden, Candidate


"A quick note to say thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Various conversations with your team and their positive attitude and willingness to explore options with me simply reinforced to me that you understood that its about people's lives and not just the numbers."

Tendai Des Moyo, Chief Financial Officer, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW


"Thanks again for your personable professionalism and delivering on the promise of the Moir Group brand.

Wayne McCusker, Managing Director, Church & Dwight

"Moir Group thank you so much for your superb professional advice and warm encouragement. I'm very grateful"

Cherry Liu, Candidate


"Moir Group is great and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as a company. You are very good at what you do, always have a good understanding of me & our business and are great people to deal with.

Kristian Mertens, Chief Financial Officer, Norman Disney & Young


" Moir Group is the best agency in Sydney without a doubt, your professionalism and kindness is rare these days." 

Alessandra Rizzo, Commercial Analyst, Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited 


"Moir Group really stand out in comparison to other agencies, you work together as a team and genuinely are passionate about finding people a job. The fact that I felt this when I first met Moir Group and still feel it now means it must be an important part of your culture as a whole, it sets you apart from all other agencies. Moir Group are by far the best!”

Steven Davies, Candidate


"Angela has been a valuable resource and support in bouncing ideas off in a competitive job market. She has a depth of knowledge, shown great empathy and I have found her advice to be relatable and grounded. I would highly recommend Angela to someone seeking advice in their job search."

Linda Lukban, Candidate


"I'm glad that I have met the right people! Job satisfaction  = fulfilled life - says it all.." 

Annake Dippenaar, Candidate 


Moir Recruitment News

Jobs Of The Future: Is Our Education System Fit For Purpose?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Australian universities have the crucial role of helping prepare students for jobs of the future, in a world of work that is continually being reinvented through technological and economic disruption.

To address the challenges and opportunities presented by this future world of work, Stephanie Fahey, EY’s Lead Partner for Education in Oceania will explore some key questions that Australian universities will need to consider to remain fit for purpose.

Are universities developing future generations of critical thinkers who can excel in an uncertain future?

Are universities set up to match the increasing pace of change in the job market?

How can universities and industry work together to deliver job-ready graduates?

Stephanie will draw on insights from her management expertise and teaching and research experience at the university level, in an engaging session that will explore the role of our universities in preparing students for jobs of the future.

For more details head to our Events Page

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Make Your Age Work For You

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Recently we were very fortunate to have guest speaker Keren Smedley, from Experience Matters, speak at a lunchtime event for our candidate community. Keren’s topic was the very popular “How to Make your Age Work for You”

Keren gave some really interesting insights to a captivated audience. Her key message for the day was to always stay positive and to see getting older as a privilege and to ensure you are always living in the moment and focussing on the event, not the outcome. At job interviews ensure you should aim to impress by considering the following tips:

  • Be enthusiastic and be confident in a calm unassuming way – have presence
  • Prepare and have the knowledge needed for that role
  • Be social media savvy
  • Don’t list in detail all of your experience, just list the highlights
  • Prepare good examples, these can also include non-work activities
  • Be curious and ask perceptive questions
  • Be transparent and inject a bit of humour!

Keren also spoke about using the Circle of Confidence to help get you in a positive frame of mind, this involved:

Draw an imaginary circle on the floor in front of you. This is a magic circle. You can only be confident and look good and be visible in here.

Stand outside the circle and think of a time when you were confident and looked good.  It can be something small like driving your car to the supermarket or large like giving a speech to a hundred people. When you’ve got it, step into the circle and associate into the event.  Then ask yourself:

  • See what you see 
  • Hear what you hear 
  • Feel what you feel 
  • Hold your body as you do when confident 
  • Breathe as you breathe when feeling good
  • Really get that feeling

Now come out of your circle stepping backwards.  Think of another time when you felt really good about yourself. When you have, go back into the circle and repeat this process three times.

Now think of something you have to do where you don’t feel confident or look good – for example, going to a family function by yourself, being in a sun dress or swimming costume.  Go back into the magic circle. Remember, you can only be confident and feel and look good in here. So put on that confidence coat.  

Then ask yourself:

  • See what you see going well
  • Hear what you hear sounding good
  • Hold yourself as a woman with everything going for her 
  • Breathe with a sense of serenity 

When you really feel in charge, imagine yourself exiting forward from the circle cloaked in that ring of confidence and looking and feeling fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event, if you would like more information on upcoming events please head to our Events Page and join our community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connect with us on  LinkedIn to stay up to date

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Make Your Age Work For You

Friday, July 29, 2016

Whether it’s true or not, the belief held by anyone over 50 is that they are unemployable and it’s impossible for them to change their job. Of course there are many who have proved that this isn’t the case but the myth remains. Many people are unfortunately made redundant and find themselves having to look for work. Others are seriously unhappy in their work but are too scared to move. At 50, if you retire at the present pensionable age, you still have 17 years left to work, and that’s a long time to be miserable. 

The workplace that the baby-boomer entered was radically different and has changed dramatically since then. Most of us have done pretty well at adapting to fast-paced change, technology and globalisation. Unfortunately, others in the work place are less sure about this and ageism is rife in many organisations. 

It’s easy in the light of this to lose our motivation. But now more than ever is the time we need it! With life expectancy into the 80s, there is still plenty of time for people to forge new ventures. It’s really important that we go on having aspirations and creating goals for ourselves.

Keren will explore these issues with you and how to make your age work for you not against. 

For more details head to our Events Page

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Are Retail Leaders Up To the Challenge?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Many Australian industries are doing it tough and Australian retail is no exception.

Imagine, however, we could fast forward and retail had become one of Australia’s defining industries - a significant number and variety of local organisations were thriving, the industry had regained its old entrepreneurial courage, and new tools and tricks were helping Australian companies and their leaders to navigate and shape the global industry.

Anita’s presentation will consider the gap between where we stand today and the future we want for the industry.  She will explore the challenges for leaders to reduce the gap at both an organisational and industry level.  Her presentation will draw from and compare her work and experience in both retail and in high growth organisations, and intend to leave leaders with practical solutions as well as more to consider. 

For more details head to our Events Page

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Confessions Of An Accidental CFO

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This question gets asked a lot in your younger years, but people stop asking because they think you’ve got it all figured out.

Not necessarily.

Alison Harrop, CFO of DEXUS Property Group, will talk us through her personal experiences of the career path to CFO and the many twists and turns along the way. She will talk to the benefits of a broad skillset, of offshore experience, of mentors and mentoring and of taking a risk.

When is the right time to narrow down the choices in your career? When do you decide that the CFO path is the right one for you? Alison will explain how she approached these and other questions during the first 25 years of her career.

And having been in the CFO role at two very different organisations she will give her perspectives on the make-up of the modern CFO, the most important areas of focus, and how to allocate time where it’s needed most.

Finally she will explore the challenges associated with holding it all together when the inevitable crises and setbacks occur.

Prepare to hear the many and varied confessions of the self-proclaimed ‘Accidental CFO’!

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The Challenges And Opportunities Facing The Australian Consumer Goods Markets

Friday, July 08, 2016

It was a pleasure to welcome back Trent Duvall, National Leader - Consumer Products from KPMG Australia for a second year to discuss trends and review the performance of the retail market over the past year. Its no doubt an extremely challenging and complex time for retail leaders due to so much change, social media input, diversification and interruptions.

Key points:

Consumer sentiment showed an uplift since July 2015 but still remains volatile.

Hardware, gardening, clothing, recreational goods, Take away food, liquor all remain relatively strong. Department stores face the greatest challenges.

In the last 3 months recreational goods have had the strongest growth, whilst department stores are showing negative growth.

The grocery market will continue to grow but its competitive and the likes of Aldi are now moving into fresh foods so it will be interesting to see what happens in this space.

We shop 24/7 and are always connected. We need to tap into all the generations and provide a strong service directed and targeted to the way they work and live. It's a real shifting market, gone are the days of “going shopping”. 

The 5 trends consumers are drawn to are imperfection and authenticity, creativity, mindfulness, accessibility and convenience.

Innovation and technology are driving so much change and transformation. Many retailers are striving to provide a seamless experience across channels. He gave some good examples of UK companies that are achieving in this area.

Retailers are using analytics wisely and reacting to change immediately and pricing goods according to these changes.

Analytics can deliver customer data on buying habits, allowing staff to make smarter product recommendations.

There is always some interesting slides on the future look of supermarkets, retailers are embracing innovation, technology to create interactive and seamless shopping experiences. 

It will of much interest to see how the landscape changes over the next year.

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event, if you would like more information on upcoming events please head to our Events Page and join our community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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"How To Successfully Expand Into The Asia Region”

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last month, Moir Group hosted Richard Grupetta, Partner for the Asia Practice at Grant Thornton Australia.  Richard addressed the very popular question many businesses are currently asking “How To Successfully Expand Into The Asia Region” and the steps you need to take to best ensure a positive result.

Richard addressed the reasons for the attraction to Asia and how the global economic “centre of gravity is “irresistibly” shifting to the Asian region. This dramatic acceleration of growth is predicted to continue well into the future seeing a significant decrease in business interest in Europe occurring at the same time.

Richard focussed predominantly on Japan, China, Korea, India and Indonesia with the most attention based on China as it is:-

  • Australia’s largest export market

  • Has a population of 1,368 million people

  • GDP growth rate around 6.8%

  • It is a transitioning market – growth in consumer, manufacturing and services markets

  • Growing online business

  • ChAFTA (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement)

  • Growth in Food/Beverages, consumer goods and education sectors

Richard then explained his 5 step approach when approaching the Asian market.

  1. The best fit approach – Are you Asia ready?? Define your product/service, who are your competitors etc

  2. Market review and ‘What if’ development – what is the market? Research!

  3. Best options to decision

  4. Budgeting and preparing for success

  5. Roadmap development

Richard explained his strategy for market entry, expressed the importance of the people you involve and where to get financial support both at a State and Federal level as well as in-market support. There are also useful contacts within the Australian Alumni such as the NSW Business Chambers who can provide support and advice and of course the expert services provided by Grant Thornton. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event, if you would like more information on upcoming events please head to our Events Page and join our community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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Corridor Catch Up !

Friday, June 03, 2016

Moir Group is proud to present to you our next video in our new series "Corridor Catch Ups" 

Networking Tips with Angela Farmeary, Head of Learning   

Moir Learning Services was established to service the learning needs of our candidates. We can help you with resume preparation, writing your cover letter, creating a sucessful and complete LinkedIn profile and Job interviews. For further information, please contact Angela Farmeary, Head of Learning at Moir Group on email or phone 02 9262 4836 for an obligation free discussion.

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From Tax To The Boardroom

Monday, May 16, 2016

“From Tax To The Boardroom”

What Prisons, Aged Care and Frozen Food Has Taught Me about How to Manage Your Career

People often talk about boards as being a late stage career option - somewhere you end up post a corporate career.  Few talk about how board work can help you advance your career, even at the earlier stages.   And fewer still share how board work can transform your thinking and increase your effectiveness, no matter where you sit on a leadership journey.   Or how it can change your life…

Helen's upcoming presentation this week will be packed with insights and tips that might surprise you, come and listen to a very different take on an accounting career! 

For more details head to our Events Page

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Are You At A Career Crossroads?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

At different career stages, we all face crossroads. Whether you like to move to different jobs and organisations more frequently, or whether your preference is to stay with one company for longer periods, none of us can avoid times when we need to review our professional life. A key factor at these times is to take control of your situation. Here are some steps to take when you may be facing a career crossroad:

Create a Clear Career Plan 

A career plan is a key factor in ensuring career progression. Your plan should reflect you and your personal preferences. Be very clear about any job requirements that you do and do not want, for example moving overseas. Crossroads are a great time to "think outside the square". Take a risk and consider new challenges or building your career via a lateral move.  

Roles and Organisations 

What sort of roles and organisations you are most interested in? In which previous jobs have you felt most comfortable? What company culture suits you? Many people find they are most comfortable in a job where there is a balance between challenge and feeling on top of their role. Getting the right cultural fit for you is essential. Trust your “gut instinct” when looking for the right organisation for you.

Your Strengths, Unique Skills and Abilities 

Build your own brand. Consider your strengths, any gaps and the unique skills and abilities you can offer an employer. A breadth of skills across people, strategies and technical areas is also advantageous – so consider all aspects of what you can offer.

Undertake the Right Personal Development 

Be frank with yourself when you consider your own strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths and undertake specific training to address any important gaps.

Writing a Winning Resume 

Your RESUME is your chance to impress. A good RESUME should have:

  • A profile summary that includes 3 to 4 key strengths on the front sheet.

  • Tangible career achievements (supported by “situation, action, result” at the interview).

  • Simple, clear and up to date

  • No more than 4 pages


The best networks consist of people you trust and respect, who hold similar values to you. Networking is a key component of most people’s job search, and consists of starting and maintaining relationships with people that can help you in your career.

Why is Networking so Important?  In a world of too much information, personal contacts and relationships are more important than ever. Networking keeps you in touch with your best advocates; those people who know you and with whom you have worked. Many roles never get advertised; they are filled via networks and personal connections. By keeping networking as a priority, you are more likely to find out about relevant roles.

How to Network Well 

Ask people for advice and ask for referrals. Most people are happy to assist. They can help you most effectively if you can explain to them clearly about what you want to do next. Find your own “style” and formats or forums that feel right for you. A successful network should include reputable recruitment firms who understand and have an empathy with you, as well as a mentor or trusted sounding board.

LinkedIn and Other Social Media 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and accurately reflects your roles and career. Then use LinkedIn to stay in touch with your contacts. You may consider using LinkedIn as a means of being introduced to relevant people, if appropriate. Finding the right people to follow on Twitter can also be helpful, as can “tweeting” yourself if relevant.

Take a Risk! 

Taking a risk can be as simple as accepting a secondment or project within your current organisation, undertaking extra study or taking a lateral career move. We have seen many successful examples of candidates who have taken a well calculated risk. Even if the risk does not produce the expected outcomes, there are still valuable insights and learnings gained…and you will not be the first to make a ‘glorious defeat’...

Stay Positive and Enthusiastic 

Companies look for more than your technical suitability for the role. They also look for someone with a good cultural fit, and are attracted to those who are enthusiastic and keen, honest and willing to take on a new challenge. The right cultural fit helps bring the best in all of us.

For further information on career coaching you can contact your Moir Group consultant or our Head of Learning, Angela Farmeary on or tel 02 9262 4836. 

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