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“We put a lot of thought into the purpose and the values of the business.  Our purpose is ‘Satisfying Job, Fulfilling Life’ and here, at Moir Group, we take that purpose very seriously.  We feel it is something that everyone can relate to. It’s at the core of what we do, not only for our candidates but also for our own employees.”

Stephen Moir


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“At Moir Group, you will work with like-minded people who really enjoy their jobs, treat their colleagues with respect and help one another succeed. We are all highly motivated and passionate people who get as much buzz out of seeing and helping our colleagues succeed as we do out of our own success.”
Karen Ryan
“Moir Group contributes to creating a better community, not just for those in finance, but those who really need the help, through our various charity work.”
Newton Soares
“I think Moir Group is a great company to work for, as you feel valued and recognised for the hard work you put in, it has a flexible, supportive and inclusive culture, each success is celebrated as a whole business and you get to partner with like-minded colleagues who are passionate about what they do, friendly and fun.”
Cassie Connell

Our Values and Purpose

Satisfying Job, Fulfilling Life.


Care for individuals and
their self worth


Working with each other, our candidates, clients and all our stakeholders, to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Good processes underpin all that we do and lead to outstanding service.


Continually strive to find the right cultural and technical fit.


For success, our business, people and life.

Moir Group Initiatives
Moir Learning Services
Moir Learning is a program set up to help our candidates to achieve the satisfying job they are looking for in order to help them have a more fulfilling life.
Community Involvement
All Moir Group team members have been involved in giving their time and expertise to work with the various community groups we are involved with.
Employee Wellness
At Moir Group, we value our employees very highly. In consultation with our team, we have developed an attractive Employee Wellness Programme for our staff, that is aligned with our company values and purpose.


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