Job-share: a new trend in flexible work?

Flexible working is the way of the future. Gone are the 9-5 days in the office. Now, we have more choice as to where, when and how we work.

A great way to balance your work and home life is through job-share. This something, that we at Moir Group have been successfully doing for many years.

In this video, the lovely women of Moir Group share their experiences with job-share and how it has benefited them – both personally and for the business as a whole.




Hi, my name is Vicky Lazarus, and I’ve been at Moir group now for six years job sharing.

My name’s Trisha Roberts, and I’m the manager of the not-for-profit division here at the Moir group.

Hi, I’m Kirsty, and I work in the permanent team as a recruitment consultant and I work three days a week.

Hi, I’m Emma Walsh.

I’m a manager in the contracting division at the Moir group.

Hi, my name’s Anna, and I’m part of the contracting and interim team here at Moir.

I’ve been job sharing for seven and a half years.

Hi, I’m Cassie I work in the permanent team here at Moir group.

I’m new to jobshare.

I came back from maternity leave at the end of last year, so I do three days in the office.

I’m Karen Ryan.

I’m one of the directors at the Moir group.

I joined the Moir group over 10 years ago, and one of my very first initiatives was to set up the job share employment program.

The reason that I did it, and that it’s grown so successfully, is it allows us to employ really experienced and talented consultants, and then it allows them to have a satisfying job in a fulfilling life.


I love job sharing because it allows me to have a greater work-life balance, allows me to spend some quality time with my family and my young kids, as well as giving me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for my career.


I started job sharing about 15 16 years ago after the birth of my first child.

For me, it was an opportunity to find the right balance between doing a great job at work and hopefully a great job at home as well.


One of the reasons that I decided to accept a job share was the absolute passion and conviction that Moir group have in making job share a success.


The benefits of job share to the Moir group, is you get two highly skilled recruiters who’ve got expert knowledge within their field.

They’re able to collaboratively work together and solve problems and come up with quick, efficient solutions.


I like job sharing, because it means that when I come into the office, I can work really hard,

and do a great job, and when I’m not here I know that my clients and candidates are also being looked after.


It’s a really supported process, and it allows me to also be the best recruiter I can possibly be as i have full support from my job share on the other days, which is amazing.


I think businesses can do more to enhance gender equality by providing flexible work arrangements.


I think one of the misconceptions around job share is that it’s a female only


I think it would be great to see more men in job share arrangements, and allowing them to have that flexibility around their home life as well.


Working on a job share basis – it’s very unique, especially in recruitment.

But, I think it’s a fantastic initiative.

it’s opened up a lot of conversations with our clients and with our candidates, and even with family members and friends.

Just gets the discussion going about flexibility in the workplace, both for women and for men.


I really encourage our clients to think about employing people on a job share basis, and our candidates to think of it as an option as well.

If you want to talk about it with us, we’re here and would love to share our experiences.

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