Multimedia learning resources

Based on a professional learning framework, the easy-to-use learning hub contains invaluable tip sheets, presentations, videos and ‘how-to’ guides, designed to help you at every stage of your career.

We have dedicated resources for every level of finance professional from career starters through to high-performing executives.

Moir events

At Moir Group, we host many events throughout the year looking at how things are changing and how you can stay ahead in your career and best optimise the opportunities that come with changing times.

As well as hearing from inspiring speakers, Moir Group events also give you an opportunity to network and engage with other industry professionals. You can find our upcoming events in the Moir learning hub.

Personal coaching & seminars

Moir Group offers free bi-monthly group seminars designed to help finance and accounting professionals gain insights into how they can achieve their career goals, develop their ability to perform at interviews and effectively communicate to position themselves for the role they want. Seminar topics include: effectively presenting your personal brand, networking, resume writing, interview preparation and career planning.

We also provide individual coaching sessions that can focus on your personal challenges and opportunities in the search for a great role. These sessions may cover any specific area of your career journey that you need support with, and are an investment in your future. You can find details of our coaching services in the learning hub.

Moir Group’s Learning & Development Manager

Moir Group runs a number of different coaching seminars and workshops designed to help people and organisations build leadership capability, organisational effectiveness and achieve strategic commercial goals.

We can assist with:

  • Specialised career coaching for finance and accounting professionals
  • Identifying and developing your individual strengths
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Resume writing, LinkedIn advice and interview coaching