We have an extensive network of immediately available, highly experienced and technically skilled finance professionals who can step into a senior role today - solving urgent problems or specialising in change management and business transformation.

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A seasoned leader in the short-term to set your company up for success in the long-term

The need for interim managers and executives has rapidly accelerated over the past years due to economic conditions, chronic skill shortages and the broader shift towards flexible working conditions.

The value of an interim manager and executive can be critical to business success. Highly-experienced leaders can be brought on-board temporarily as both an emergency stop-gap solution and as a management strategy.

With a higher demand for senior leadership positions in the Australian labour market, finding executives with the necessary experience and technical skills is a major challenge. Organisations that are seeking confident, capable and highly-experienced specialist executives to solve a business problem should consider interim solutions.

Does your company need an Interim Finance Executive?

Interim managers are confident, capable and experienced specialist executives who are employed for a defined period (3 to 18 months) to:

  • Step-in during an unexpected departure
  • Execute change management or business transformation
  • Manage crisis situations
  • Support the CEO or CFO with short term projects
  • Streamline a new acquisition or operationalise a successful merger
  • Strengthen and upskill existing teams
  • Find investment opportunities and raise capital
  • Develop and maintain forecasts and financial budgets
  • Communicate with lenders and investors
  • Systematise accounting processes
  • Integrate enterprise resource planning systems

Consultants and Contactors are often the go-to short term solution for organisations for a specific task, project or role that needs to be completed.

Recently more businesses are utilising the skills of interim executives and managers who are agile, strategy focused, impartial and able to deliver through change. Driving business results and operational efficiency, they are the short-term solution to boosting executive talent. They have the capabilities and confidence to take the lead and complete critical projects.

Interim executives and managers are not just highly experienced and technically skilled but are also leaders that understand the nuances and complexity of businesses. They lead and deliver successful outcomes during times of disruption, executive management changes, crisis, change and business transformation.

Comparing types of fixed term engagements

Interim Executive

Contractor or Consultant

Strong leadership experience
(usually in large organisations)
Functional experience
(technical expertise)
Goal based
(Strategic business goals)
Task-based objectives
Work includes managing resources (budget and staffing) Not involved in managing resources (budget and staffing)
Implements changes directly
(leads operations)
Implements changes indirectly (provides assessment and recommendations)
Internal member of the team External provider

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We identify and assess your company’s short-term needs to ensure we find the right interim executive solution.

Our team is ready to work in partnership with you to find your next interim CFO, Finance Director, Risk and Change Manager, Project Manager, FPA Manager and Executive Manager. We provide ongoing support to both the client and candidate to ensure a successful placement and smooth transition.

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