Finance and accounting jobs, Brisbane

Moir Group now has a presence in Brisbane, enabling us to connect with and assist candidates and clients across the region. As a speciality recruitment agency for finance and accounting, we use our expansive network to place people in finance and accounting jobs in Brisbane, across business levels and roles, whilst guaranteeing the right fit.

Jobs with purpose and meaning

We believe that a fulfilling life starts with job satisfaction and purpose. A professional and cultural fit that allows you to grow is an essential part of a new role. Our specialist Brisbane recruiters take your passion and professional growth into consideration as they put you forward for new finance and accountings jobs.

Executive recruitment, Brisbane

Moir Group’s experienced Executive Search team are expert recruiters for senior finance and accounting jobs in Brisbane. Our expanding network of high-calibre professionals and leading employers in the Brisbane area allows us to recruit for high-performing, senior positions from CFO to an interim senior executive.

We also offer a series of ongoing events and webinars throughout the year, specifically designed for senior financial and accounting leadership. Often in an online, invitation-only format, these events provide the opportunity to mingle with high-performing candidates and businesses alike, offering growth and networking within a collaborative and confidential environment.

Interim accounting jobs, Brisbane

If you are looking for, or to fill, an interim accounting job in Brisbane, our specialist contracting team can help. Whether this is for a short-term, fixed, or short-notice role, Moir Group can tap into their network of Brisbane accounting and finance professionals to recruit the perfect fit. From junior roles to high-performing CFOs, we can quickly find the right match for your organisations’ unique requirements.

Networking and learning opportunities

Moir Group has a strong focus on fostering its network’s skills and knowledge through ongoing in-person and online learning opportunities and events. With focuses on leadership and career boosting, in addition to sector specific trends and the state of the economy, we aim to cover key developmental and interest areas. Some of our events are tailored to specific roles or levels, including executives and senior financial leadership.