Download our factsheet ‘Why Values and Culture Matter’


The importance of company values and culture

Values and culture sit at the core of a business, an outward expression of its ethos and purpose. Internally, these sets of beliefs and behaviours provide employees with a guiding North Star, keeping them collectively motivated and aligned in their efforts. The impact of this for a business can be huge, increasing employee retention and turning employees into an organisation’s top advocates.

Beyond all these factors, however, company values and culture have the power to imbue people with a genuine sense of purpose, both their day to day work and in their long-term career.

At Moir Group, we increasingly see candidates who are looking for a role that offers them a strong sense of purpose, particularly as they progress in their career and move into more senior roles. But how do you gauge whether a role is the right one for you? A good indicator of this is how well the culture and values of a company complement and support your own personal views and values.

Striving for passion and purpose at work

At Moir Group, we strive to align our candidates, not only with opportunities that match their technical skills and experience, but also that deliver a good cultural fit. We believe that for our candidates to get the most out of a role in the longer-term, it is vital that their passion and purpose at work is engaged from the get-go.

With this in mind, it is important for candidates to check that a prospective employer has company culture and values as a top priority. Most companies will have their values listed on their website, but there are multiple elements that may impact a company’s culture. We have created a downloadable factsheet with points to consider and a checklist to help you find a role that will support and motivate your passion and purpose at work.

How Moir Group can help

Working with an extensive network of organisations across a range of sectors, we have a unique understanding of company culture and values. This means we can assist you in prioritising positions that will fulfil, not only your work requirements, but also your personal objectives. Whether that is making the transition from the corporate to Not-For-Profit sector or climbing the career ladder to a leadership role, our dedication to align your values with those of a potential employer will ensure that you’re best placed to thrive in the long-term.