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How to find the best financial accountant jobs in Sydney

Financial Accountant Jobs Sydney

The current market for financial accountant jobs

Whether you are looking to progress in your career, you are a recent graduate, or you are entering the Australian job market from overseas, now is an exciting and favourable time to be exploring financial accountant jobs in Sydney.

This article will provide you with an outline of the current job market for financial accountants, and things that you should consider on your job search.


What employers are looking for today

We work closely with many leading employers looking to build strong finance teams. Key skills that these employers are seeking include: strong communications skills, technologically proactive, and high attention to detail.

Many of the financial accountant jobs currently listed on our jobs page feature these capabilities. Having a strong understanding of your skill levels in these areas and investing in improving your skills will help you stand out from the crowd. If you are from overseas, ensure that your qualifications are up to date and in line with Australia’s standards. Having a professional qualification such as being a chartered accountant or CPA continues to be advantageous for many roles.


How to find the best financial accountant job for you.

1. Have a clear career goal and understand who you are

Regardless of your workplace environment, when you see yourself clearly, it is easier to embrace and express who you are as a unique individual. Self reflection is key to understanding your strengths and overcoming obstacles. When employers see that you have taken the time to reflect on your career goals, you look professional and dedicated. Creating a Personal Development Plan that you can refer to on your career journey is a great way to track your progress.


2. Reaching your goal: Look beyond your qualification

How will you stand out? What can you offer beyond your technical skills? Don’t assume that your qualification is enough to get you the job. Instead, consider the unique value that you bring to a workplace. The best candidates on the market today are outstanding communicators who have experience building lasting relationships with stakeholders. Additionally, employers are on the lookout for people with agility, strong leadership skills and project management experience. Highlighting your unique skills and experiences not only adds value to your CV, but also makes you stand out.


3. Network at Events & Webinars

Meet and connect with potential employers and fellow candidates by attending in-person events and online webinars. When you attend events and stay engaged on social platforms, you become an integral part of the finance community. Whether at in-person events or webinars online, it is important that you are engaged, asking questions and talking to the people who spark your interest. At Moir Group, we offer events and webinars so you can join one of the longest standing accountant and finance communities in Sydney.


4. Consider Cross-sector Opportunities

As a financial accountant, you have transferable skills, with the potential to transition from sector to sector and broaden your career experience along the way. This means that you are not tied to the sector in which you are currently working, unlike some other professions. You could consider fast-growing sectors where there may be wider opportunities. Or you could take the opportunity to follow what interests you. Many of our candidates successfully transition from banking to property, from FMCG to telcos, or from commerce to a not-for-profit organisation.

If you are interested in not-for-profit, we have a dedicated Moir Group NFP team, helping organisations with a social purpose to connect with high-calibre finance and accounting professionals. This team works across not-for-profits, schools, universities, government and industry associations.


5. Getting the right fit between yourself and your new employer

Ensuring that your own values align with those of your potential employer is a vital consideration in securing the right role. Visit our Values and Culture Guide for a detailed values checklist, which can help you hone your understanding of your own values.

Good organisations have clarity around their culture and values. They prioritise establishing trust amongst teams, and encourage employees to feel comfortable in speaking up and sharing their ideas collaboratively. In your job search, staying honest and asking: “Can I be myself?” will help you find the best cultural fit.

We spend half our lives at work so ensuring the fit is right and that you can be yourself at work is incredibly important in securing a satisfying job and for the quality of your life overall.


Final Word

It is a truly exciting time for candidates. More than ever, the future of your career is in your hands. Our expert recruitment team has experience across a wide range of sectors and we care about helping you find the right financial accounting job.


If you’d like help with your job search, please feel free to get in contact with us, give us a call on (02) 9262 4836 and check out some positions currently available here.


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