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Adapting your onboarding and recruitment practices during COVID-19

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Considering many of us are now working from home to flatten the curve and doing our part to look after each other, remote onboarding is the new normal.

To help you to keep moving forward in your business, there is a need to ensure that your recruitment and onboarding program for your new hires is still as effective and seamless as possible.

Some organisations are already either automated or semi-automated in the way they induct and onboard.

Regardless of where your organisation is on this continuum, maintaining the essential elements of onboarding will ensure that your new hires are engaged, connected and feel part of the team early and ongoing – irrespective of whether they are face-to-face or working virtually.

Thinking of it in terms of outcomes is still the best way to approach bringing and onboarding new people.  At this time, more than ever the goal is ensuring connection, clear information, support and engagement.

Simple ways to digitise your onboarding program

  • Set up FaceTime/Zoom/Skype catch-ups from the minute they accept the role – keep these regular – perhaps every few days. Manager involvement and connection is vital.
  • Send a welcome pack – both digital and perhaps a small gift – keep cup, a journal, magazine, book, comfortable socks. Bring your employer brand to life.
  • Set them up well from home – provide the right tools and guide them to ensure they have the best possible work environment from home.
  • Make more use of the available technology to send learning and have meetings – do stakeholder meetings via video – Zoom or similar. These can still provide the social connection they will need to feel part of the team.
  • Once they are on board – keep close early. Daily phone or video chat check ins are essential to set objectives for learning, interactions and productivity.
  • To connect the new person to the broader team – make use of any existing team communication platforms, or take the opportunity to bring one into the way you work.
  • Consider ways to digitise and streamline how you do things. Examples could include: Centralised policies, clearly articulated corporate values, online training and e-introductions can all help with a smooth transition into the business.
  • Brushing-up on how to build rapport during video interviews will help you make a personal connection with candidates during this era of social isolation. Check out our tips on this here.

We’ve developed some fantastic resources to help you in with The First 90 Days – and any face-to-face activities can always be substituted out for online options to keep your new employee engaged and motivated from the outset.

As always, engage your recruiter often and early. We’re here to help you through these changing times and ensure that your new employee is set up for success from the outset. Please get in contact with us, should you require onboarding tips for the first 90 days or support during the recruitment process.

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