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Moir Group Market Update with Stephen Moir

In this video Stephen Moir gives you an update on the finance and accounting employment outlook through to the end of this year.


Stephen Moir:

I thought I would give you a quick update in terms of what’s been happening at Moir Group over the first half of this year now that we’re at the midpoint. The second quarter, so the quarter, just finished April, May, June was very strong right across our business, um across our four divisions, and that built on the uh the first quarter, which in turn built on quarter four last year.  So there’s been a progression through those three quarters where across our organisation, each one of our divisions has increased and grown on the previous quarter. And I suggest across the whole economy, in the main, we’re seeing the same things. So that’s very, very positive. Obviously with the lockdowns that are now happening again in New South Wales and Victoria, that will put a stop to some of this growth um and there will be um that that will be difficult. However, I think we’ve seen how this now works. That once those restrictions come off, the economy does bounce back very quickly. So I do remain very optimistic and positive when I look out through the coming months as well. A lot of our clients, when they’ve been looking at the roles we’ve been helping them with so far this year, an individual’s technical excellence and their commercial excellence is very important and is expected. What is differentiating people that are being successful is their ability to have a lot of those softer skills and to be very strong in those areas. So the ability to be very visible in the business, uh with your finance hat on, the ability to look forward and to add a lot of value in terms of where the organization may go, and to have the numbers behind that to support it is also, to be able to articulate that very clearly is really, really key. So I’d suggest keeping that in mind as well.


At Moir Group, our core belief is that a satisfying job leads to a fulfilling life. We will be running a series of expert-led events and publishing articles across the year, all designed to help you to navigate the jobs market in these challenging times. Find out more on our Learning and Events hub.

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