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4 Ways NFP Candidates and Clients are ‘Balancing the Ledger’ between Work and Life

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It is no secret that professionals across industries are seeking better work life balance. Even in the purpose driven NFP sector, candidates are looking for more. Prioritising purpose (in some cases, over pay check), top talent want to work for organisations whose culture and internal values reflect their own.

And not-for-profit organisations are listening. From the client side, we are seeing innovative employee benefits and a stronger focus on internal company culture.

In this article, we outline the top four things that candidates are seeking from their workplace, with real-life examples from NFP companies who are leaders in these areas.


1. Dedicated support and wellness programs

Candidates want…

Wellness programs, initiatives, or opportunities to “balance the ledger”. Whether offered as a bonus, or integrated into their workday, candidates are looking for workplaces that recognise and support the whole person. This can take the form of an organisation’s internal culture, its approach to flexibility and/or options to work part-time, family-friendly policies as well as gym memberships, yoga or meditation. Many candidates are now seeking employers with an established employee assistance program (EAP) offering on-demand support for employees’ physical, social & psychological well-being. Employees want to feel supported and know they are in an organisation that is mental health-aware.

Many people have been left mentally drained, after their experiences over the past few years. Additionally, in the NFP space, finance professionals wear many hats across the organisation, which can add to stress.

Integrated mental health programs mean that employees are given the option to spend a portion of their work week on an activity that has a positive impact on their mental health.

Companies are offering…

A wide variety of internal and external mental health programs. Often, catered towards the individual. For example, Care Australia offers a company-paid Employee Assistance Program, which provides support to staff and their immediate family members through a free counselling service where any work or personal issues can be discussed confidentially. Ted Talks, is another example of a not-for-profit with great health and mental health benefits, offering a similar Employee Assistance Program as well as gym membership reimbursements, free breakfasts and paid family-time leave.



2. Diversity and Inclusion 

Candidates want…

A clear commitment from their employer to have diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diverse teams boost creativity and innovation, and inclusion ensures that people from all walks of life feel psychologically safe to be themselves at work. Having both make for a more satisfying job and, in turn, a more fulfilling life. Additionally, NFPs are often invested in communities and close with the public, so having a more diverse team means that you can communicate with a wider audience.

Companies are offering…

More than just words. Companies that have made diversity and inclusion not just a nice-to-have but fundamental to their operations are those who are setting the example in this area.

The University of Sydney, for example, has a rich history in diversity and inclusion. In fact, in 1881, they were one of the first universities in the world to admit female students. Today, they advance gender equity by promoting women in leadership and furthering women’s education. They also have a Disability Inclusion Action Plan, make often and significant investments in the LGBTIQ+ community, and have made higher education more accessible to harder to reach groups, such as those with a low socioeconomic background or in rural and remote areas.



2. Workplace flexibility

Candidates want…

To work hybrid and on their own terms. Many finance professionals are rethinking and reshaping their ideal way of working. Working hybrid gives employees the autonomy to choose whether they want to work remotely, or in the office. Workplace flexibility means that employees spend less time on travel, and more time to pursue outside interests or spend more time with their family, which has a positive impact on their mental health.

Companies are offering…

The ability to work from anywhere, anytime. For many organisations competition for top talent is fierce, and many are responding to this by offering not just hybrid work, but the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. Air Services Australia, for example, have teams dispersed across multiple states, allowing people to work across different time zones. For this to be successful, trust must be established amongst teams. If deadlines are met and work is completed, employers like Air Services Australia are willing to be flexible, with less emphasis on “face time” and more emphasis on empowerment, accountability and productivity.


4. More opportunities for meaningful togetherness

Candidates want…

To have a sense of togetherness, even when working remotely. For employees, this can look like going on a team walk, meeting with people from across the business, or engaging in team building activities. Candidates are seeking rich company culture from their workplaces. Although online experiences will never be the same in-person, there are still many innovative ways that teams can connect online today.

Companies are offering…

Structured unstructured time” – that is, time blocked off in the schedule with all or part of the team to attend events and enjoy conversation that is not related to work. This allows team members to get to know each other personally, which helps with communication and understanding. At Moir Group, our director Stephen Moir ensures that structured unstructured time is integrated into the work schedule. With regular face-to-face catch ups and online activities such as trivia and drawing games, the Moir Group team builds interpersonal connections through structured unstructured time at least 1-2 days per week.


Final Word

Whether you are a candidate seeking to “balance the ledger”, or a client trying to attract top talent, strong company culture is key to your success. Leading teams with a strong purpose will attract quality candidates time and time again. Inversely, when candidates are clear about what they want from a workplace, they are more likely to find the best cultural fit.

If you’d like help with your job search, please feel free to get in contact with us, give us a call on (02) 9262 4836 and check out some positions currently available here.


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