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Moir Group webinar program – insights and key learnings

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Over the last few months, we’ve been running a successful webinar program with candidates and clients to help them through these uncertain times and get on the front-foot of their careers.

Covering a wide-range of topics with subject matter experts providing their insights, the sessions have been highly engaging and have been designed to get our candidates to think about their skills, unique value proposition, where the market is at and how they can stand out from the crowd.

These sessions have placed particular emphasis on how we’ve all managed through this crisis and what we can do to come out of it on the other end stronger and more resilient.

Please find below some of the great insights that have come out of the webinar program: 

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Managing anxiety at work during COVID-19

A three-part webinar series with leadership expert, Yolanda Beattie.
Read now.

How to build more caring, resilient and inspired teams during a pandemic

Leadership resilience expert, Graeme Cowan, shares his top tips on how we can support each other during difficult times.
Learn more.

COVID-19 & Australia – Risks and Opportunities

What impact has COVID-19 had on the Australian economy? HSBC Australia Chief Economist, Paul Bloxham, shares his views.
View summary.

Successfully managing the first 90 days remotely

In light of COVID-19, onboarding has changed. Here’s how you can successfully welcome a new employee remotely, so they can hit the ground running.
Read article.

Taking control of your career during COVID-19 and beyond

Put yourself on the front-foot of your career with these handy tips.
View tips.

5 strategies to help you land that next role – remotely

Moir Group’s Ola Dabbagh-Roberts shares her top tips on how to put your best foot forward during this time.
Learn more.

Living and leading with heart during a crisis

Insights from Stephen & Mara Klemich, co-founders of Heartstyles and authors of ‘Above the Line.’
Read now.

Private equity and the year ahead

An insightful discussion amongst CFOs and PE firms on how to navigate through COVID-19.
View summary.

What is the new normal for parenting and working in 2020?

Parenting and working has been particularly challenging for many during COVID-19. Here are some great tips from Karitane to help you through.
See tips.

How to create psychologically safe workplaces

Some great tips from Harvard Professor Amy C. Edmondson about how to create a psychologically safe workplace.
See insights. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector and the way forward

What are we seeing in the retail sector and what can we expect over the next 12 months?
Learn more.


If you would like to be part of our webinar program or attend a future session, do get in touch with us here and let us know which topic you would be interested in.





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