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3 ways NFP finance recruitment specialists take the pain out of the hiring process

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With the event of COVID-19, NFP organisations have been driven to adapt at break-neck speed, implementing new systems and processes, as well as ensuring the mental wellbeing of employees during tumultuous times.

With a number of digital platforms now available to assist in the recruitment process, not for profit organisations are increasingly taking it upon themselves to seek and find new employees and, in the process, are finding themselves faced with yet another major drain on time and resources.

Quite simply, there is not enough capacity to recruit effectively.

In this article we will share the 3 ways that NFP finance recruitment specialists can take the pressure off busy organisations and deliver a fast and effective result…

1. Delivering real value in the long-term

One of the reasons not for profit organisations may not choose to partner with specialist recruiters is the associated cost. Understandably, they feel that the capability is there in-house to find the right person, if using tools such as LinkedIn. However, capability and capacity are two very different things. In the long term, hiring an expert to assist with the process can mean a faster turnaround and less pressure on resources.

It may also lead to a better long-term result. Having a professional recruiter driving the process means you will be presented with a short list of candidates who have been matched to the role with a high level of thought and care. At Moir Group we strongly believe in the importance of having a good cultural fit between candidates and clients as the key for long-term success in the role. We ensure that we understand the factors that motivate our NFP finance candidates and consider how these fit with the organisation they seek to work for.

A previous study on this topic[i] showed that employees that had a good cultural fit with their organisation and co-workers were more likely to remain in the organisation and show high-level performance in their role.

2. Recruiting quality NFP finance leadership for future success

The steady growth of the NFP sector means that the top executive talent in the field now has more choice of employment than ever. Additionally, it can be difficult to sell-in an NFP finance role to potential employees when remuneration is often lower than corresponding roles within the commercial sector. This can be even more challenging for HR teams and hiring managers recruiting for senior roles that require highly specialised skills and expertise.

However, to ensure the long-term health of the organisation, it is vital those not for profits hire and retain the best people to drive their organisation towards its objectives; leaders who are resilient, innovative and able to adapt quickly as times change.

In this situation, having an executive recruitment expert on board can make a big difference as it gives you the ability to quickly tap into a vast network of leaders with proven track records. Our experience of the process also means that negotiations at the final stage are more likely to stay on track and lead to a successful outcome. Having a valued candidate make it through the initial stages, only to drop out at offer stage is one common pitfall we see clients face when undertaking the recruitment process internally.

At Moir Group, we have developed deep relationships with our candidate community and have access to highly experienced  and senior not for profit finance professionals, meaning you don’t have to spend precious time searching for your elusive ‘unicorn’.

3. Allowing more time to focus on other key areas of the business

Ultimately, it comes down to freeing up time and resource. The benefit of working with an expert to fill roles means that HR teams and hiring managers are freed up to focus on other key areas of the business, whether that means staying compliant with an increasing volume of government regulations; embedding new working practices; or the mass upskilling required to keep up with the latest technologies and automations. This is especially the case for not for profits that have a smaller (or non-existent) HR function compared with the commercial sector.

An external recruiter can act as an extension of your organisation’s HR function; sharing the load and working in partnership with you over time to ensure you recruit the calibre of personnel that will drive your organisation towards its goals.

Kelly-Ann Arthur is Manager of Not for Profit Recruitment at Moir Group. She enjoys partnering closely with both clients and candidates to find the best career and working environment solutions that will ultimately support them in living a happy, fulfilling life.

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