Event highlights: CFO – ‘The year ahead, what’s working well and what are the challenges’

We recently facilitated our first face to face discussion group for the year. It’s good to be back!

‘The year ahead, what’s working well and what are the challenges’ 

Below are some of our key highlights from this event.

  • All agreed its great to be back doing face to face sessions. The incidental conversations you have and the information you glean.
  • All the CFO’s had their mojo back. The general consensus was that there is a lot of momentum now and going forwards.
  • There was a good sense of optimism across the group.
  • Australia has done very well through Covid. Some of this was by design and some by default (eg easier borders to close).
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues and climate change are very important. It is being demanded by employees and by stakeholders.
  • ESG is key in terms of attracting and retaining people.
  • ESG is being built into all companies strategic decision making, risk and capital allocation.
  • Australia has done very well due to our social cohesion. Other countries do not have this.
  • The challenges ahead will be around how to open up borders, the vaccination roll out. How to re-engage with the world. Important that Australia is not left behind here. More pressure is being put on Governments at State and Federal level to deliver here by businesses.
  • Technology has enabled us to be nimble. It is convenient. It has worked very well. Organisations have pivoted very quickly eg Tele health.
  • Flexible/hybrid working is here to stay. However it may not be right for everyone. Younger employees need those around them to learn from.
  • Induction and fostering a company’s culture in new employees is a challenge if it is done remotely.
  • Communication to employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders was key to successful crisis management.
  • Over the past 12 months the general feeling was that had been a challenging, but exciting time. Learnt a lot about the team and yourself.
  • Should we be talking more about life – work balance or work – life balance?
  • Trust has been important. Trust your employees. Address mental health issues your employees may experience.

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