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Discussion Group Highlights: CFO & HRD – ‘The Year Ahead, what’s working well and what are the Challenges’

Moir Group Event

Tim Henry from Peoplecorp and Stephen Moir, hosted an interesting discussion group of CFO’s and HRD’s.

Below are some of the key highlights that were discussed.

Overall Business Sentiment

  • Overall CFO’s and HR Directors are optimistic about the economic outlook for their businesses.
  • There is lots of change and transformation happening in most organisations.
  • “War for talent”. This is across multiple types of roles. 20-30% pay increases are common.
  • Some turnover of long serving staff. Covid is making people re-appraise things.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance)

  • There are examples of HR and Finance partnering together to support the whole business on ESG.
  • Communication is key. Eg. communicate to everyone in the business what the company is doing.
  • Guiding teams as to ‘why” ESG is important. It is not then seen as a threat to their jobs.
  • Younger generations, people in their twenties and thirties are asking “what is our company doing about climate change”? The company needs to have a good answer otherwise these people will leave.
  • Overseas head offices are looking to their Australian divisions to be pro-active.


  • How to leverage customer data.
  • Be clear about what the objective is of bringing an AI tool into the business.
  • There is a big education piece in the business.
  • AI works if you have good quality data.

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