COVID-19 has created uncertainty in the job market, leading to an increase in contract roles. Contracting can often be a valuable pathway to finding the right permanent role – as it gives you a foot in the door and the opportunity to expand your skillset, which can be a valuable bonus for any employer.

Whilst transitioning from a contract to permanent role is never a certainty, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you’re in the best position to take advantage of permanent opportunities as they arise.

Be crystal clear about your goals

First and foremost, it’s important to speak with your manager about your desire to move from a contract to permanent role. Communication is key here. Without insight, they may not necessarily assume you would be interested in moving away from contract work. Whilst you shouldn’t be too pushy or repetitive with your request, being open and showing your eagerness to move into a permanent spot if one becomes available ensures that you will be front of mind when opportunities do arise.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm

Showing your interest in the business you’re working for will make you a natural fit for any permanent roles that become available. Be curious about the business. Ask questions and make notes on how the business operates and key systems used. Do some further research on the company, reading annual reports and industry news articles. Building up this kind of knowledge will become apparent in your interactions with colleagues over time and further demonstrate your commitment to being a part of the organisation.

Be indispensable

A sure fire way to put yourself in line for a permanent role, is to do such a good job, they won’t want to lose you! Show yourself to be a willing and able employee. Show that you are punctual, professional and can get on with the task at hand with minimal fuss or reservation.

Being proactive and putting your hand up for tasks as they arise or offering to take on new responsibilities, will also give you an opportunity to prove your worth and raise your profile within the organisation.

The key with contracting is to show your flexibility and adaptability. This means being able to quickly pick up and run with a limited job brief. Demonstrate your ability to integrate into teams quickly and engage swiftly with key stakeholders.

Consider the culture of the organisation

It’s important to be mindful of the culture of the business, the personalities of the people you work with and how you fit in with this. Take up any opportunities to get to know people in the company on a more personal level. For instance, getting involved with social events is a good way to do this. Take time to understand the working style of people in your team and department. It might help to do a little self-analysis to contemplate how your personality and work-style fits with others and if there is anything that may be considered a barrier to you moving from a contract to permanent role in the company.

Be ready to go!

Whilst you don’t have control over when an opportunity will arise to move from a contract to permanent role, it’s important to stay switched on and attentive so you are first in line when something does come up. Keep your ear to the ground. Listen for opportunities before they’re advertised. Be proactive in showing your interest promptly. Provide detailed examples of why you think you’d be the best candidate to take on a permanent role. Consider some of the more practical details of the role. For instance, have an idea of the annual salary range you are aiming for so you are able to commence negotiations quickly.

And finally…be prepared for disappointment

Even if you’re great at your job, there just might not be the budget for a full-time role. Leave people with a memorable and positive impression of you (together with a one-page summary of your skills). You never know when the situation might change.

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